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ENERGY & JOY: The Theme for 2024 Weddings

ITS ELECTRIC(Boogie woogie woogie)! Some adjectives we are seeing for 2024 wedding desires are fun, energetic, electric, classy, and happy! While people have been toning down on the maximalist weddings from the post-pandemic all out ragers, we are still seeing lots of individuality and attention to detail.

Here are 6 trends that we are seeing as caterers for the 2024 wedding season. Should be a fun one!

1. Flavor Packed and Colorful Foods

Variety is the spice of life, girl! 2024 couples have been prioritizing taste AND visual experiences on their wedding day. We over here at Fork&Flair shoot for making delicious foods that pique your interest and provoke your taste buds. 

Crusted Ahi Tuna With Serrano Pepper Slaw By Fork&Flair


2. Bright Hues

We are seeing an uptick in the use of vibrant color and we are LOVING IT! Napkins, tablecloths, flowers, dresses, cakes, neon signs, backdrops, you name it. People are showing their favorite colors in a big way! Vibrancy can tell your guests that “we are here. We are happy. And we are going to have a good time!”

Three Tiered Cake: @emilygracecakes 

Photo: @camronandtia 

3. Family Style Dinner

More Family Style Weddings have been booked for the 2024 season than any other year! You get the luxury of not having to keep track of what your guests are eating, but the class of a table-side service. It’s no wonder it is a fan favorite! Not sure what Family Style entails? Visit our previous post to read all about it!

Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin With Red Wine Demi by Fork&Flair 

Photo: @joeandjenphoto

4. Texture and Elevation   

We get many couples who are not on board with the current vibrant color trends; in that case, we suggest playing with texture! If done right, a unique tablecloth can be just as visually stimulating as a vibrant one.

Table Scape by: @Lineneffects @edifloral @forkandflairmn @keyedupevents @semplemansion

Photo: @crystalliepa

5. Memorable Late Night Snacks

When I say “Late Night Snack” your first thought is “Pizza” right? It is what everyone and their mother orders when they want a late night bite. Why not switch it up for your guests? 2024 couples are doing Sliders, Mac and Cheese Bar, Soft Pretzels and Queso, Tacos, Nachos, S'mores, you name it!

Slider Bar by Fork&Flair 

6. Sustainable Weddings

Our clients have become more aware of the environmental impact of their weddings and events this coming season! The event industry sees a lot of wasted food, trashed one-time-use decor, and disposable plastic or paper products. To limit this, many event venues are suggesting(and sometimes incentivizing) sustainable practices at events. Examples of said practices include the use of compostable disposables or china, reusable or rented decor, in-season and local florals, all digital signage, etc.

Photo: @amygreggphotography

What's your guess?

Will our 2024 wedding predictions be correct? Follow along for the upcoming season on our Instagram to find out!


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