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Why the Name Change?

Hello All!

Welcome to our Blog, and our new website! We hope you like it :)

So, the BIG question... Why the Name Change?

I started building the "Premier" brand under a parent company, which is where we inherited the "Premier" name from. As time went on and I became an official owner of Premier Catering & Event Planning, I worked very hard to develop a brand to go with our name, and our style. The problem was I struggled to pull together a strong brand under the Premier name because- for me, the name did not represent the creative and unique company that I was building.

Fork & Flair Style Board

In time, all of us here at Fork & Flair Catering and Events decided to bite the bullet and tackle the name change. I knew that with a creative, fun, and memorable name - I would be able to create a stylized brand which would back our company perfectly...and take us to new levels!

Now that we have changed our name, Fork & Flair will be easily recognizable - with a bold and creative look to ride along with our fantastic flavors! We are also putting an even stronger focus on our quality of food, presentation, and our flavors - which allows us to be the absolute best we can be - and provide our clients with catering that exeeds their exceptions!

To all of you that have supported us throughout the years so far, we sincerely thank you! Please remember, we are still the same wonderful company!

I am very blessed to have such amazing staff working with me, the dedication they have for what we are doing here is really amazing. Everyone here is working hard to continue to build and represent Fork & Flair with the utmost quality customer service, and the highest of quality food and flavors!

We are very excited for what is to come, and we are continuing to work hard to be the absolute best catering company we can be!

Be sure to take a peak and our brand-spankin' new website!

BIG thanks to Girl Friday for her beautiful insight in helping us re-brand, and to Spark Letter Press for their help with graphics, logos, and menu design!

-Courtney Curry


Fork & Flair

Catering & Events

Previously Premier Catering and Event Planning



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