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Unlike many other dietary trends, the healthy lifestyle trend has been around for quite some time...and going strong! We have been serving up Yogurt Bars to many of our clients for those early morning meetings and events. The reviews are fantastic, our clients love the variety that the yogurt bar offers, as well as the option of a healthy yet hearty morning meal.

Standard Yogurt Bar Options:

Vanilla Yogurt


Fresh Berries


Other Custom Options:

Dried Fruit




Cinnamon / Sugar

Caramelized Apple

Mixed Nuts

Chia Seeds



Yogurt Bar Catering has sparked a new level of creativity in our clients, giving us the ability to create some super adorable and tasty hors d'oeuvres for our weddings and events!

How about a Mini Pancake Skewer with Fresh Mint and Blueberry. These babies are pan fried in butter, and drizzled with maple syrup. How delicious, and too cute :)

Mini Pancake Stack with Fresh Mint and Blueberry

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts. For dessert, late night snack, or in our option....for anytime!

Lately we have had a blast serving up Fresh Mini Donuts, Rootbeer Shooters with Donut Holes and courtesy of Glam Doll Donuts & Taste of Love Bakery...Variety Donut bars.

We love our custom menus, and we would love to take on your custom menu!

Contact us anytime!


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